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Corporate event audiences are a tough crowd. Improved event production practices and ever-changing technology has ramped up the event experience for attendees. Minds have been blown. They’ve seen it all and heard it all.

So how do you take your corporate event to the next level and make sure yours is the one everyone is talking about? Here are ten awe-inspiring ideas for your next corporate event.

Transition zones

It’s always a great idea to create zones when mapping out the event journey for an attendee and a unique way to transition guests from one zone to another is through an illuminated tunnel. Light it up! This activates different senses and creates an expectational buzz within the guest. Keep them guessing. What’s going to be at the end of the tunnel?

Meditation space

You don’t really associate a calm mind with corporate events but it’s time to jump on that wellbeing bandwagon. Create a meditation space with calming music and lighting, comfortable seating, bolster cushions, mats and sleep pods! Creating a ‘time out’ space is a popular trend in office environment design….bring that same concept to the event world.

Food stalls

We are loving the food truck and food van craze. It’s such a fun way to bring personality to the food and beverage side of events. Replace long buffet tables clothed in white with sassy food stalls or if you have the space, bring in a food truck or van. Vintage caravans, bright coloured Kombi’s with beer taps installed into the side of the van…yep! It’s a thing. Fun AND memorable.

Ten Awe Inspiring Ideas For Your Corporate Events / Solution Entertainment

Unique spaces

You can transform a beige ballroom and event space into something spectacular but why don’t you work with a space that already has great character and a unique look? Using spaces that aren’t necessarily designed for events like the Cutaway at Barangaroo and Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour, can create really get the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ going.

Look up

The ceiling has to be one of the most under-utilised spaces in event production. Sure, it tends to be where most of the technology infrastructure lives, but get creative. Why don’t you pop a sculptural cloud installation above the meditation space you’re creating? Or project images and/or messaging onto the ceiling to give the audience a truly immersive event experience.

Education pods

Gone are the days of Show and Tell and PowerPoint. We love the concept of Education Pods. Think about modern day museums and galleries and how they’ve transformed the attendee experience for art or history lovers – Tasmania’s MONA and Canberra’s Questacon have mastered the art of education through interaction. Bring the same concept to your event space and create interactive Education Pods that are tactile and transformative.

360 stage

A circular stage with an engaging guest speaker using the entirety of the stage space is a great way to deepen the connection between the speaker and his or her audience. That deeper connection leads to maximising info recall. A clever way to cement your messaging with your target audience.

Audience on show

Take this concept one step further and bring the audience on stage. Design a stage and seating space that takes the invisible barrier between the audience and the presenter away. When you place everyone on the same level, that connection we were talking about earlier becomes even deeper. In fact, the impact can be quite meaningful and almost spiritual. 

Augmented reality

Remember the Pokémon GO craze from a couple of years ago? That’s Augmented Reality. Incorporating computer generated images into the real world. It’s a fun way to entertain and connect audiences to the product, messaging or purpose of the event. If networking is the objective, give guests an AR headset or glasses with facial recognition software – they’ll know who they’re speaking to immediately or could seek specific people out as their AR headsets meet across a crowded room!

Coffee on app

We know coffee doesn’t change the world, but it sure can change your day! That’s why we love the concept of ordering your coffee via an app at an event and having it delivered to you wherever you may be. Or you can order your coffee as the breakout session winds up and head straight out to the funky coffee van to pick up your piping hot latte.

Corporate events are all about transforming perceptions and creating lasting behavioural change. Get creative and go next level by using some – or all! – of these awe inspiring ideas.

Check out some of the ideas we have incorporated into some of our Corporate Events for clients here.

Ten Awe Inspiring Ideas For Your Corporate Events / Solution Entertainment
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