Product launches that connect your brand to your audience / We Are Solution Entertainment

Everyone loves being a part of something new, right? People inherently get excited about being the first to touch, feel, see and experience something fresh and fabulous.

A product launch should activate emotions through a positive experience. When this happens, it triggers a strong connection to a product or brand and you have yourself a wonderful new walking talking brand ambassador.

Brand alignment

Connect the values of a brand to the attendee’s experience. We did this at a Google Cloud Security launch event at the Australian Technology Park by combining personal touchpoints with state-of the-art technology. Activations included a welcome zone with custom-built breakout spaces, custom water stations with Moda Sparkling on tap and a life-size sushi train. Add in transitional tunnels, a keynote speaker zone and a demo zone with a Virtual Reality station and you have total immersion. When an event experience is cohesive and sits comfortably within the brand values, the guest’s connection to the brand and product strengthens, activating positive behavioural change.

Location location

A well thought out location can optimise brand alignment and exclusivity. What will appeal to your brand’s audience? Play on the curiosity factor and find a new venue that not many (if any) people have been to.

Solution Entertainment chose a luxury home in Sydney’s prestigious Eastern suburbs to launch the Ferrari 448 GTB. Remember we talked about the voyeur in all of us before? Well, an invitation to a luxury home no one had been to before, a stunning harbour backdrop (and us craning the Ferrari in!) created an event buzz and strong attendance from the VIP audience the client was targeting.

And what about the computer brand that invites shop floor teams from home entertainment and electrical retailers to high-end nightclubs when they’re launching a new product? The result? Through the roof attendance rate and a captivated audience!

Immersion and activation

Take it to the streets with an exciting immersive experience that connects with the target market but also creates energy, excitement and curiosity among the public. Taking over Pitt Street Mall in Sydney for a full day event, Solution Entertainment did this when we created a Cuban Festival for a client. Our strategy focused on engagement activities to drive social awareness – an influencer VIP area, custom Cadillac photo activation, an expertly choreographed disruptive parade – all strategies that immerse the audience but also connect with the curiosity of the greater community, both in real life and on social media.

Product launches that connect your brand to your audience / We Are Solution Entertainment

The proof is in the pudding

A launch isn’t just about holding up the new product and saying, ‘look at this now go buy it’, it’s also about connecting the product to credibility and its purpose.

A shoe company launched a line of fashionable AND comfortable shoes by setting a Guinness World Record for the World’s Longest Catwalk with models wearing their shoes of course, and proving they were indeed comfortable.

A triathlete and healthy living coach whose brand values focused on achievement, launched his new program by cycling around Australia! Both these brands proved through their launch strategy that their products and services worked and had credibility. A simple strategy but highly effective.


The surprise factor is a fun way to create buzz in a lead-up to a launch event. Prior to the launch of a book being launched, the marketing team placed copies of the book across a city in cafes, bus stops, trains – places people would be likely to pick it up. On the top of the book was a little note about the book encouraging them to share it on social media. The result? A whole lot of buzz about the book prior to the launch, and people who didn’t know the new author and the book ended up with it in their hand. Smart!

Looking for some fresh ideas on your next brand or product launch? Check out these projects for inspiration.

Product launches that connect your brand to your audience / We Are Solution Entertainment
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