Real GKO Conference, Awards & Party 2018


Solution Entertainment were engaged to create, plan and execute an educational conference to ‘kick off’ the Global sales for (REA) and provide an experience to generate excitement internally and get the wider business up to speed on the relevant strategy for FY19. It consisted of one full day major conference with both domestic and international employees in attendance. There we multiple break out rooms for 7 lines of business in lead up throughout MCEC. We were also engaged to design and produce an awards ceremony to honour the internal Real Estate Australia team and produce a program and experience that celebrates the work and success of the nominees while providing an opportunity for building brand awareness as well as an after party to round the conference off.

Strategy + Results

We created and delivered a very tight program with multiple layers of content. This was coupled with an immersive and on-trend interactive giant playground for staff post awards. The CEO, Tracy Fellows has said it was the ‘best GKO ever run’ and was a calm and seamlessly-executed event layered with innovation.

We finished off the conference with a completely immersive party, that provided all guests withe the opportunity to unwind , dance and play some games.