Often our clients come to us wanting to create the perfectly Instagrammable moment. But there’s a fine line between focusing on the event itself and creating a long lasting social media ripple. Inauthenticity shines through, and if you’re creating a moment just to be shared and liked rather than be enjoyed at the time, it will lose its power.

Here’s how we try and get the balance right at Solution Entertainment:

1.    It’s about sharing the experience, not advertising

We are an Events company, which means connecting with people and engaging is what is at our core. Sure, we’re hired for activations and promotions. But we aren’t in the business of advertising. Our clients come to us because we know how to wow a crowd, we know how to make an entrance, we know how to make a splash. We do this to make our clients look good. Full stop. Not look good on Instagram. Not to show off what we can do. The experience speaks for itself. As a result, it will translate well on social and create buzz and hype for our clients. This is a natural flow on effect.

2.    Authenticity is key

Trust is important to us. Trust with our clients and suppliers. Trust with the people who attend our events. An amazing event will look amazing on social media. An awful event can still look amazing on social media. We are a creative-led event production and entertainment agency. Creativity is what gives us our edge. We get in touch with what our clients want and nurture a creative spark to make it happen. We don’t want to mess with this process. It’s how we always get the best results and authenticity is at the centre of all of this. So yes, we hashtag our events and yes we have amazing photographers who will get the perfect shot to showcase on your social channels. But throwing an epic event that ticks all the boxes for our clients is what truly makes these events look so great!

3.    The event is what matters most, the rest will follow

Part of our philosophy at Solution Entertainment is to make an impact. It’s true that part of this impact is to create talkability on social media and get the client’s message across. We make it our mission to ensure we’re up to date with social trends and understanding what’s happening in the ever-changing social media landscape. But our mission, first and foremost, is to put on an amazing event for our client. Whether it’s a Christmas party or a new product launch, our focus is always on how to ensure everyone at our event is having an amazing time. We want to the food to taste fantastic, not just to look fantastic on Instagram. We want people feeling the music and letting their hair down, and if we get that right, we know it will translate to social.

People can cut through the noise pretty quickly. It’s not about perfection. It’s not about styling something purely for social. People can see the difference between a perfectly curated party that looks good on social media and an amazing event filled with magic moments that just happen to be captured and posted on Instagram. At the end of the day, we love what we do and we take pride in what we do, and that’s what translates so well on any screen. Whether it’s Santa and his elves abseiling from the roof of Myer Melbourne, a Ferrari being craned over a $60m property in Vaucluse Sydney, or an awe-inspiring Wonderland themed event, it’s both the tiny details and the big picture that make people want to stop scrolling. Connection, at the end of the day, is at the heart of any event we produce. And without this, the rest is just social media white noise.


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