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Interactive Corporate Events Mix Engagement and Experience / Solution Entertainment

There are so many ways to plan a corporate event, and in a saturated market, it’s more important than ever to stand out. The right events company can achieve amazing results. However social media platforms like Pinterest have blown out expectations of what a basic event should look like.

This is where interactive corporate events can create that extra layer to not just plan out a beautiful event, but an immersive and memorable experience too. 

When you actually engage your guests, it makes the event more memorable and drives your message deeper. Combining engagement and experience with strategy can create that sweet spot to make your guests more receptive to whatever outcome you are striving to hit.

Interactive Corporate Events Mix Engagement and Experience / Solution Entertainment

To paint a clearer picture 

Imagine two separate companies that are running events to each launch a new brand. They both have a guest list, a stunning venue locked in place and the theming, AV and catering ready to go.

One company has sent invitations to their exclusive list. They’ve printed pull-up banners showcasing their brand to place around the room. At the event, their CEO stands up to present a speech, and then the guests network.

While the other company has done so much more…

  • They started creating hype weeks before the event. They sent sneak peeks to their guests and asked them what they wanted.
  • They filmed pre-launch footage to unveil their new brand.
  • They’ve given guests something tangible at the launch – whether it’s a new subscription to something they’ve built, or a physical product they can touch.
  • They might have partnered with someone else to create something entirely exclusive and new to gift in a limited run.
  • They got super creative and infused their new colours into the catering (which looks amazing photographed). Instead of regular catering, they set up stations where guests can create their own food and drink combinations.
  • They’ve selected a venue with backdrops that look amazing, so that guests are taking photos all night.
  • They have a photographer, set up hashtags and are posting on social media in real time.
  • After the launch, they have vision and images to run through their digital channels and keep reposting content. They’ve essentially turned their launch event into a promotion.
Interactive Corporate Events Mix Engagement and Experience / Solution Entertainment

So, while the first company’s event was one-dimensional…the other created a richer experience for guests.

These are two extremes of the spectrum of course, but we hope it shows you the power of combining engagement and experience to elevate an event.

Contact our team to discuss how we can plan an interactive corporate event to take your brand to the next level.

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