The events space is ever-evolving, which is what makes it so exciting! There are some things that never change though:

  1. Understanding the clients’ needs;
  2. Good food;
  3. Great drinks (of course); 
  4. Entertainment that creates the right mood; and
  5. Did we mention great food?!


What’s exciting now from a customer perspective is that the industry is so much more accessible. Our clients come to us with images they’ve found on Pinterest, entertainment ideas they’ve Googled and inspiration they’ve seen on Instagram. This leads to an incredibly educated and savvy client who truly knows what they want. As a result of this, the level of involvement our clients have is stronger now than it has ever been. Sure, part of the benefit of engaging a company like Solution Entertainment is so that we can take care of every element of an event, from idea to execution. But the opportunity is always there for clients to get as involved as they want to with an array of resources at their fingertips. It also means that this raises the bar for what is expected and the standards of everyone involved in an event.

If anything, what we’ve been focusing on recently at Solution Entertainment is really combining these two elements: the old and the new. We’ve found that however liberating and cutting edge this access to new technology is, people have also really been craving that sense of old-school fun. This eclecticism means we’ve mixing things like opera with beat box and strings with contemporary with such amazing results. 

New technologies have been both liberating and created barriers for us. For example, there has been a major shift towards interactive products which can live stream and socially connect events. This is exciting and something we’ve made great use of for concurrent global or national events. It’s really opened up the market in an unprecedented way. But the challenge here is for events to be ‘set’ for social sharing in a non-obtrusive way. 


It’s always about getting the balance right, between long term “shareability” for the client and focusing on engaging in the present. Recently we created a custom logo for an event and then had sailboats around the lake at Albert Park with the event logo. We also collaborated with David Bromley on some projects to create live bespoke artwork. It means that we have to take a much more strategic approach, think about what the client’s requirements are and customise appropriately to get the right outcomes. 



We’ve noticed a lot of people in the industry complaining recently about collaboration, but we actually find it a really exciting trend – the way in which brands are connecting with each other in new and unique ways. We aren’t all just running our own race with blinkers on. We’re all connected. We can all help each other out. Boundaries and borders are shifting and merging. We are connecting lifestyle into corporate and rethinking the standard models used. 

Everything that’s “new” in the event space comes back to to one thing: relationships. Understanding, engaging, nurturing, developing, collaborating and connecting. Relationships are what’s key. And so the saying goes: Everything old is new again. So actually, what’s on trend isn’t a ‘trend’ at all.


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