Industry and social media are flooded with events and the latest launches. We know how to ensure people will love your event once they get there. But how do you get them excited about going in the first place?

 It appears that between the races, launches and seasonal functions, there are just non-stop events. While there hasn’t necessarily been a rise in the number of events, social media exposure has given the impression that there’s a non-stop party out there. This isn’t necessarily a negative or positive, but it does shift the importance of the vital components of event planning.

Creating hype all comes back to the objective of the event and the outcomes required. With some clients, it’s all about the music line-up and keeping it fresh and invigorating. With others, it’s all about the food offering and the celeb chef that will be writing the menu. It all comes back to the event, the audience and how to connect with them in a positive manner that means something to them. Depending on the client, you also need to ensure there’s a sense of urgency of exclusivity. This may mean limiting ticketing numbers, ensuring there are VIPs or utilising a venue that’s totally out of the box.

So how do you ensure your guests keep talking about your event after the fact?

1.    Create a positive experience;

2.    Ensure every touch point is considered and ties back into the purpose of the event; and

3.     Connect the event to the individual. Ensure every person attending feels as though it was specifically for them.

This aspect of personalisation is really where we see events stand out, and something that should be considered in all cases. It leads to attendee satisfaction (and consequently client satisfaction!) and an increase in the likelihood of social shares. It’s also something that can be brought in right from the start when inviting guests and creating hype.

 When thinking about event fatigue, don’t just focus on your guests. Ensure your staff remain fresh and connected with everything you do. Run creativity workshops internally to ensure all staff are aligned.

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