Welcome to the double-edged sword of planning a corporate Christmas party!

It can be a whole lot of fun creating an experience that celebrates the end of the working year, yet it can also be fraught with danger. Office politics, keeping a mixed demographic of people fed, watered and entertained, and juggling budgets.

So how do you walk the tightrope of party planning with grace and skill?

We’ve popped together a cheeky checklist to help you pull a corporate Christmas party together.


  • Get strategic and match the event experience to company objectives and culture.
  • Allocate roles and responsibilities to the event planning team.
  • Research venues, suppliers, AV and production, catering options, styling elements and entertainment and from that, create a budget that captures all expenses associated with the event.
  • Create event documents to support you in managing the event such as checklists and a project plan and a critical path.
  • Get in touch with all suppliers and make sure all deposits and progress payments have been paid, and contracts have been signed before event delivery. You don’t want any nasty surprises on the day of the party!
  • Update and distribute all event delivery documents such as floor plans and runsheets with final numbers and details to all stakeholders.


  • Keep the set up on schedule by checking in with supplier’s onsite and making sure deliveries, suppliers and staff are in the right place at the right time.
  • Run a technical rehearsal with the AV / Event production team followed by a final check of the set up: styling, AV, venue, seating, tables, and stage.
  • Manage any last minute details such as no-shows, changes to the table plan, late dietary requirements.
  • Open the doors!


  • Reconcile the event budget.
  • Send out a post-party survey to those who attended (maybe give them a little time to recover) to look for opportunities to improve and find out what really resonated with them.
  • Hold a final production meeting with key event partners and suppliers and the event team to also look at what went well and what could improve for the future. From that and the post-event survey, collate feedback and provide a post-event report.
  • Put your feet up and have a little champagne. Good job!

This checklist will help you keep the show on the road, so to speak. Or if that looks like a bit too much to take on and deal with, you can always partner with Solution Entertainment and we can manage that checklist (or parts of it) for you.

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