Corporate Event Planners’ Tips for the Perfect Venue

Looking for the perfect venue for your next event?

These corporate event planners’ tips can help you find just the right space – without blowing the budget! 

1. Does the space complement the event?

The venue should complement the event and not vice versa. Consider whether the venue is aligned with your brand and whether it will make your audience feel at home. These factors can play out to convey a stronger brand message.

2. A cosier fit can be better than too much space

We’ve all experienced events where too much space can make it feel cold and under-attended. Gain a clear picture of attendance to select the right venue fit. This is frequently easier said than done! A smaller fit can be a risk if attendance suddenly blows out.

There are exceptions too of course – if a space is a little large but well suited to a brand, or if you are looking to create space as part of the experience. There are ways to pull space in too, using lighting, props and dividers.

3. You might be surprised at venue fees

If that dream event space seems out of reach, it always pays to ask for pricing anyway. Venues will often charge a minimum food and beverage spend instead of venue hire fees.

Corporate Event Planners’ Tips for the Perfect Venue / Solution Entertainment

4. Not every venue transaction in monetary

You may be able to negotiate a contra deal where the venue will welcome you in exchange for patronage, exposure to an email list and/or press coverage. This is more likely to happen if there’s synergy and a natural fit. It frequently comes down to who you know and who you ask at the venue too. This is where it pays to stay connected in the industry, grow connections through social platforms like LinkedIn and work with the right event company.

5. Source permits where required

If you want to hold your event outdoors, contact the local council to source permits at least one month out. This applies to filming too, which is so easy to gloss over when in the midst of event planning. Pushing last-minute permits isn’t something anyone wants to deal with!   

At Solution Entertainment, we would love to talk to you about your next event and how we can find the right venue fit. Contact our team today.

Corporate Event Planners’ Tips for the Perfect Venue / Solution Entertainment

Epic Food Ideas from the Best Event Planning Companies

We love the food ideas that some of the best event planning companies are running at the moment.

Food is a multi-sensory experience that can elevate events and brands. It can influence a feeling of well-being and even attention span, so it’s a core part of every event experience.

If you are planning an event, have you considered these culinary options? 

1. Grazing tables

Styled grazing tables continue to lead the way in event catering, and it’s easy to see why. They pack in colour and variety, each guest can take their pick, and they look rich yet can be kept relatively affordable. Grazing tables can be as traditional, modern or creative as you want. Think charcuterie, seafood, fruit, antipasto and delicious desserts.

2. Food trucks

Food trucks have come a long way in quality and are a convenient and cost-effective way to supply food at events. Many focus on small yet carefully curated menus and source ingredients locally. They are also a way to support small business, even when working with larger venues. Check the venue space is compatible.

3. Themed food and drink stands

From bagels and pancakes, combinations like tacos and margaritas, to cocktails, stands are a fun way to showcase food and drinks that guests might not experience every day. Many events brand their food and drink stands as part of collaborations to create a richer event experience. Stands are a clever way to tailor catering to guests as events move away from a cookie-cutter approach.

Epic Food Ideas from the Best Event Planning Companies / Solution Entertainment

4. Vegan, plant-based and gluten-free options

Vegan and plant-based foods are frequently sustainable catering options and can also be a smart way to level up a brand when they’re a core value of guests. Many customers who shop clean beauty for example, might also eat plant-based foods, which is a natural catering fit. This isn’t the case every time of course. In any catering situation, consider the strongest guest fit and cater to special dietary requirements so everyone can fill their plate. 

5. Put a fresh spin on traditional catering

Fruit ticks many boxes at events – it’s fresh, healthy, delicious, low-cost and fits most dietary requirements. Have you considered serving it in waffle cones? Kombucha, a drink recognised for its health qualities, is making its way into alcoholic beverages. Again, this can be a smart way to elevate a brand if the audience fit is right. Sandwiches? Source quality breads, gluten-free options and fresh ingredients presented well. Coffee station? Choose fresh-ground from a local supplier. Quality can make all the difference.

Like these ideas? Visit our blog for more inspiration for your next event.

Epic Food Ideas from the Best Event Planning Companies / Solution Entertainment

5 Sport Entertainment Tips from Top Event Planning Companies

As all good event planning companies know, there are a few tips and tricks to getting the entertainment right at sporting events.

We recommend a layered entertainment approach to buffer downtime like ticketing and queues, and keep energy up in breaks to the main event.

These five ideas can add colour and buzz, and create a seamless event experience for your guests.

1. Blow-up props

If your sporting event is drawing a crowd, large-scale inflatables are fun to bounce in the stands, use in water or at the beach. They double up as entertainment for children and are a fun event takeaway to boost the ambience and perceived value. Tip: customise inflatables to a theme or sponsor to add extra value, exposure and synergy for partners.

2. Interactive food and drink stations

Food is always a crowd pleaser; why not take a classic sporting snack and make it interactive? Think custom hot dogs and ice cream or craft beer stations to take everyday event catering to the next level.

5 Sport Entertainment Tips from Top Event Planning Companies / Solution Entertainment

3. Break-out entertainment for kids

Sporting events are popular for families and children however long days can make little fans and players tired. Consider small break-out spots like teepees where children can play and snack away from the noise and the clutter.

4. Showcase social handles and hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to showcase your event, leverage content, encourage interaction and push it out to a wider audience. Set up and showcase hashtags and encourage guests or attendees to tag their photos as they post. Enlist a professional photographer to capture event imagery for your digital assets and in future pitches to attract partners and sponsors.

5. Live performers

From funny to jaw-dropping, stunt performers can add a wow factor to your entertainment. There are so many to choose from and they vary in style and aesthetic, so reach out to us for recommendations. A live act is the icing on the cake to wrap your event and create impact.

These are just a few entertainment ideas to elevate your next sporting event. Solution Entertainment is a dynamic event management company based in Melbourne and Sydney, from where we create event experiences Australia-wide. Contact our team to discuss entertainment solutions tailored to your brand and vision.

5 Sport Entertainment Tips from Top Event Planning Companies / Solution Entertainment

5 Corporate Event Ideas for EOFY Functions and Awards Nights

Do you want a cutting-edge EOFY function or an awards night made to impress?

Around the end of the financial year, people are busy and there are many events all vying for RSVPs and space. So not only is it great to prepare and lock a venue in early; your event has to offer a reason for guests not to miss it.

These five simple corporate event ideas can create impact and add value to your event.

1. Showcase value

People are short of time and can only commit to so many things; showcasing value creates a reason to attend your event and not someone else’s.

So consider what you are selling – is it a new or exclusive venue? If cost is a factor, have you considered contra, like venue space in exchange for exposure, or are there special packages that waive the venue fee? This is where a reputable agency can assist.

Are there speakers to add industry insight, or are you collaborating to add extra value?

2. Make it visually appealing at first glance

It takes just two seconds to create a first impression, which is why you will want a custom look tailored to your guests. People are responsive to familiarity so consider how the collateral and theme can reflect their aesthetic and the spaces where they spend time in a fresh way.

5 Corporate Event Ideas for EOFY Functions and Awards Nights / Solution Entertainment

3. Focus on the smaller details

In a digital world, paper invitations can really stand out. You might find a creative way to deliver them to fit a theme. Or you might want to work with your events agency to create sneak peek vision of the event and venue. FOMO is real.

4. Create scarcity

Adding a time frame to secure a seat or releasing a limited batch of tickets and sticking to that promise, can create a sense of exclusivity and urgency to purchase.

5. And the icing on the cake…

Highlight recognition, cap formalities and leave ample room to socialise, as the point of every event is to be social.

We recommend working with an event agency that can help you to source the right venue, concepts, AV, catering and entertainment to fit your scale and vision and create a frictionless event.

In addition, a tight program, multiple layers of content and immersive experiences like at this conference can keep guests entertained and set the tone for future events.

At Solution Entertainment we would love to work with you to create an event experience tailored to your brand and vision. Contact our team today.

5 Corporate Event Ideas for EOFY Functions and Awards Nights / Solution Entertainment

4 Entertainment ideas for Corporate Events

Are you stuck on entertainment ideas for corporate events? It’s easy to rely on a splashy five-star venue and classy catering to make your event a success. But guests also look forward to some fun and entertainment – especially if it’s interactive!

Here are four fun entertainment ideas to consider for your next corporate event.

1. Co-branded events

Co-branding can be a great way to pool resources and offer guests an entertaining experience at the same time. For example, you might decide to do a co-branded event with a wine bar.

The owner can talk about pairing food and wine, which is of benefit to guests who frequently take clients to dinner. Guests take part in the tasting. The wine bar receives exposure, which might include media, and you receive a custom offering and a fabulous venue.

On the other hand, you might have the venue and brand recognition to draw a crowd that other brands want to plug into. This approach can engage attendees, lower costs, and offer synergies for both parties. A win win.

2. Customised food and drink

Instead of a standard dessert drop, imagine picking your favourite ice cream toppings or flavour combinations from a menu of options. Anything customised and interactive adds to events, allowing guests to take part in creating the experience.

4 Entertainment ideas for Corporate Events / Solution Entertainment

3. Video photo booths

Photo booths aren’t new by any stretch, however they’ve evolved from static pictures to looped video (complete with custom backdrops, branding and filters) that’s ready to post on social media.

These are crowd pleasers every time; increasing length of stay and creating branded content that can be used beyond the night.

4. Custom video content

More brands are doing events as part of larger campaigns inclusive of video and imagery to create exposure at multiple points. Create short films or interviews with people of interest to your audience. The success of custom content comes down to the video company you use and the equipment they have. Shop around as newer companies with plenty of vision can sometimes charge less to gain clients.

These entertainment ideas can help you create a standout experience for your guests. And if you’re looking for more ways to add the wow factor, talk to our team about how we can create a tailored solution for your next event.

4 Entertainment ideas for Corporate Events / Solution Entertainment

Creative Corporate Event Ideas to Add the X-Factor

Event concepts are growing bigger and bolder. But it doesn’t always take a massive budget to achieve success.

Here are a few creative corporate event ideas to suit a range of styles and spending points.

Instagrammable spaces

The more appealing the space, the more content it will generate. It isn’t rocket science that guests will take photos of visually appealing set-ups and backdrops. That doesn’t mean the entire venue has to look like a Pinterest board – consider one feature spot or several smaller ones. Create a hashtag so you can repost tagged imagery.

Create something new

Achieve a custom vibe and exclusivity on a smaller budget by creating a one-off drink or dessert for your event. Just check it looks good enough to photograph, and have a plan to share it.

Custom elements

Instead of place cards, think custom plates with guest names, one-run caps or embossed accessories. It’s the smaller details that count and you might be surprised at what’s achievable spend-wise if you find the right supplier.

Creative Corporate Event Ideas to Add the X-Factor / Solution Entertainment

Partnerships and guest speakers

These can add immense benefit to events if the fit is right. Consider partner brands who will connect to the audience and add value. Engage guest speakers who have something valuable to share – whether that’s a new industry development or just a reputation for being outrageously entertaining.

Shoppable elements

There are so many ways to create a shoppable event based on your type of business. One is setting up an Instagram page and posting pre-shot items for guests to purchase through the app. If it’s apparel-based for example, invite guests to wear items and followers to shop directly through stories.

Custom props

This one is trickier yet can work so well if it’s done right. Custom props that are part of a larger strategy can create recognition and take thank you gifts to the next level. At the launch of the first Alipay Smart City on the Gold Coast, for example, Alipay commissioned a surf video using branded surfboards. The surfboards were displayed in the room, featured in media coverage, created the identity of the launch and doubled as VIP gifts.

However you choose to add the x-factor to your event, the important thing to remember is that creativity needs to align with strategy – always keep the goal of the event at the forefront.

Need help? Solution Entertainment creates custom events outside the square. To level up your next event, speak to our team today.

Creative Corporate Event Ideas to Add the X-Factor / Solution Entertainment

Corporate Events: 6 Quick Tips to Attract a Crowd

There are many types of corporate events, from black tie parties to retreats, and product launches. If you want to create a sell-out event, a few basic principles apply, whether you are throwing a cocktail party or a corporate lunch.

Firstly, attracting a crowd comes down to marketing, which is inclusive of everything you do before selecting the food, drinks and service – like knowing your audience and growing your email list. Secondly, it has to create impact and appeal outside the square.

Check out these six tips to attract a crowd at your next corporate event.

1. Know your audience

Understanding your market’s pain points and what makes them tick before you even start event planning is what enables you to deliver relevant content, speakers and topics which resonate.

2. Grow your email list

The current organic reach of a Facebook post is just 2%. Email in comparison is 90%. Focus on growing your email subscribers so they will see the event when it’s marketed, and not miss it in an algorithm. An email list lets you send personalised invitations to boost attendance.

Corporate Events: 6 Quick Tips to Attract a Crowd / Solution Entertainment

3. Consider co-branding

A successful collaboration has synergy and creates something greater than the sum of its parts combined. So does a co-branded event, which can reach new markets through cross-promotion.

4. Don’t compromise on certain things – like the venue space or location for retreats. A gloomy low-cost venue will impact attendance.

5. Create an irresistible sell

Package your event up strategically to create impact and don’t be cookie-cutter. Picture receiving an invitation to a product launch gala dinner in smashable chocolate. Apart from being surprising and Instagrammable, it’s edible and shows what’s to come. If it’s a networking event or a team building event, what value can you add through speakers and event spaces? Showing people why they shouldn’t miss out is key to attracting a crowd.

6. Take your events wider

If your market covers a wider geographical area, consider making your events more formulaic and putting them in more locations.

Looking to throw a unique corporate event? We tailor beautiful events to every client – from large-scale corporate parties down to customised team building activities. Talk to us to discover how we can make your next event sing.

Corporate Events: 6 Quick Tips to Attract a Crowd / Solution Entertainment

How to Find the Best Event Company for a Product Launch

You’ve created a product, and now it’s time to launch it to the world through the best event company you can find.

A launch event is an opportunity to give your most dedicated customers and community a VIP look into your latest offering. It can create buy-in, media coverage and social proof to push your brand and message out further. All of these things can help attract new partners, investors and collaborations down the track.

So how you can find the right event company to manage such an important launch? Check out our five tips.

Have a picture of the event you want

Before searching any events agencies, have a clear picture of who it is you are throwing the event for, and what you want it to look like. Consider what tactical approaches will light your product up, where your market is spending time and what frameworks of experience they have. Are they hanging out in high-end department stores, and what do those places look like? Taking inspiration from the spaces they’re in will create an event where they feel at home, and save time in the event planning stage.

How to Find the Best Event Company for a Product Launch / Solution Entertainment

2. Have a budget to create it

A budget will tell you exactly where you stand from day one so you can hire event services in your price bracket. However, it shouldn’t always determine what event management companies you approach. Stay clear on your limit and don’t be afraid to ask.

3. Research the event company

The events industry is large and not all event planners are equal; each one will have a different style. Google them, look at their past events and see if they’re a brand fit. Check what venues they’ve worked with and if they’ve done similar events to what you want.

4. Shop around early to secure your best event

Make a short list of three to five companies and contact them for quotes. Sometimes just one company might really stand out. Event companies book out fast so plan early.

5. Approach event planning as a partnership

Working with an events company is a two-way street, so treat it as a partnership. Clients who walk in clear on what they want are more likely to achieve it, however expectations don’t always match budgets so stay open and flexible.

Solution Entertainment is a full-scale event and entertainment agency. Our team can make planning your next product launch simple. Talk to us about tailored solutions to show off your product in style.

How to Find the Best Event Company for a Product Launch / Solution Entertainment

Team Building Events that Create Cohesion and Connection

If you have a brand new team and want to break the ice, or your existing guys need a little more encouragement to work together, it might be time to plan a team building event. Team building events are an excellent bonding activity to create a deeper purpose aligned to brands.

How team building events benefit organisations

Team building events require creativity, teamwork, leadership skills and trust – all essential qualities of an innovative team.

They are a great way to get everyone to relax and de-stress by doing something completely different. Sometimes, taking everyone out of the office or your everyday working environment is also the fastest way to reset, and find solutions in a brand new light.

Team building events don’t just create stronger bonds – they can push boundaries and inspire innovation to tackle hard things or initiate change.

Get creative with team building events

Far from the traditional scavenger hunt or trust exercises, team building activities can be exciting, engaging and tailored to your squad.

From a cooking class to laser tag and collective problem solving like getting out after being locked in a room, memorable group activities and experiences can bring your teams together and level up your brand.

Team Building Events that Create Cohesion and Connection / Solution Entertainment

How we can help you build stellar teams

At Solution Entertainment, we design and execute every detail of your next team building event so you don’t have to. Our custom events are designed to create stronger bonds, are always on brand, and are creative or conservative to fit our clients.

So, if you need something more than a team bonding session over coffee or drinks, our team has long been helping ​brands​ across Australia to connect, engage and create cohesive teams through the most dynamic and outside-the-box experiences.

Contact us​ to discover how we can design a tailored team building event for your organisation – you can rest assured that your team will be in the best hands!

Team Building Events that Create Cohesion and Connection / Solution Entertainment

Five event management agency tips you need to know now

Planning an event can be complex.  There is a lot to consider, evaluate and articulate, and teamwork is critical.

Because we do this often we have robust and time tested processes in place which make events much easier to manage.  Diving straight into an event without properly defining the goals of the event can lead to poor results and disappointment.  So we thought we would share 5 tips that we as an event management agency use to make this easier for you.

The Secret Sauce:

1. Set and define your goals

While it may initially be fine to talk in broad brushstrokes or put forward abstract ideas, when it gets down to business allow plenty of time to determine and outline your goals for the event. Work out who your audience is and how will you be contacting them, will you use a new social strategy to reach out to people or will it be a multi marketing approach? What is the measure? What results/KPI do you need to achieve for the event to be successful?  Know your budget. Having a fixed amount for the budget is good, we always recommend allowing for a 10 per cent buffer because things happen.  Pricing on components can change, venues might have surprise costs you didn’t know about and sometimes suppliers might let you down.

2. Know your audience

No matter whether you are planning an event for a large group of people or a select number of executives, knowing how to approach people to get the target number of attendees is critical.  Will you be syncing your event platforms to your CRM? Will you be able to segment the database accurately to reach the right people and can you identify attendees for future marketing initiatives? What is the plan of approach? Will the event be advertised on your website, through email and social, will you need any content marketing to support the event? What content will you need at the event? What does your audience want to know about?

Five event management agency tips you need to know now / Solution Entertainment

3. KPIs that align with company objectives

Knowing the KPI’s of the event before you start makes it easier and more accurate to measure and prove ROI.  The event KPI’s should connect with the overall business objectives. Showing how the event performance impacts bottom line business metrics will make it easier to prove the event’s impact. Preparing a report for the event investors is effective to show the success of the event and should also secure future event budgets.

4. Teamwork rules

Depending on the event objectives an important element of the goal-setting agenda is to know how all your teams will work in this together. Determine shared objectives with linked KPIs to each team’s performance to bolster groups to work together and strive for the best results. Whether the event objectives are to boost sales, promote a more engaged company culture, provide a better customer service experience or promoting a product, having a cohesive team can make a big difference to event outcomes.

Five event management agency tips you need to know now / Solution Entertainment

5. Attendee Experience

As soon as your goals are firm, think about the attendee experience.  How will they check into the event, is there an app for the event that people can interact with? Will there be an event #hashtag that attendees can use to promote on social, join in quizzes and respond to polls? What sort of interaction will attendees have at the event? Icebreakers, transition zones and unique spaces that will encourage conversation and connection? Will your event be memorable and leave a lasting impression?

There will be plenty more to keep track of, correct and update as your event draws near, but with these five event management agency tips you are well on your way to hosting a stand out event

If you are interested in some other exciting event management agency strategies we use, you can check this out.

Five event management agency tips you need to know now / Solution Entertainment