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5 Corporate Event Ideas for EOFY Functions and Awards Nights / Solution Entertainment

Do you want a cutting-edge EOFY function or an awards night made to impress?

Around the end of the financial year, people are busy and there are many events all vying for RSVPs and space. So not only is it great to prepare and lock a venue in early; your event has to offer a reason for guests not to miss it.

These five simple corporate event ideas can create impact and add value to your event.

1. Showcase value

People are short of time and can only commit to so many things; showcasing value creates a reason to attend your event and not someone else’s.

So consider what you are selling – is it a new or exclusive venue? If cost is a factor, have you considered contra, like venue space in exchange for exposure, or are there special packages that waive the venue fee? This is where a reputable agency can assist.

Are there speakers to add industry insight, or are you collaborating to add extra value?

2. Make it visually appealing at first glance

It takes just two seconds to create a first impression, which is why you will want a custom look tailored to your guests. People are responsive to familiarity so consider how the collateral and theme can reflect their aesthetic and the spaces where they spend time in a fresh way.

5 Corporate Event Ideas for EOFY Functions and Awards Nights / Solution Entertainment

3. Focus on the smaller details

In a digital world, paper invitations can really stand out. You might find a creative way to deliver them to fit a theme. Or you might want to work with your events agency to create sneak peek vision of the event and venue. FOMO is real.

4. Create scarcity

Adding a time frame to secure a seat or releasing a limited batch of tickets and sticking to that promise, can create a sense of exclusivity and urgency to purchase.

5. And the icing on the cake…

Highlight recognition, cap formalities and leave ample room to socialise, as the point of every event is to be social.

We recommend working with an event agency that can help you to source the right venue, concepts, AV, catering and entertainment to fit your scale and vision and create a frictionless event.

In addition, a tight program, multiple layers of content and immersive experiences like at this conference can keep guests entertained and set the tone for future events.

At Solution Entertainment we would love to work with you to create an event experience tailored to your brand and vision. Contact our team today.

5 Corporate Event Ideas for EOFY Functions and Awards Nights / Solution Entertainment

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